Changing habits through gamification

About This Project

In this project me and my teammates created an installation machine that is meant to be placed in a hotel lobby.

Palm oil plantations are one of the main causes of deforestation in Southeast Asia, and this machine is meant to decrease consumers' demand for palm oil products.

The goal of this machine is through gamification, change the users' habit so that they would buy non-palm oil alternative products. The guests at the hotel would be taught to buy non-palm oil products when they first use the machine, and during every day of their stay if they bought non-palm oil products and scanned it with the machine, they would win gifts and prizes.



First Use

  1. Tap Card to Login
  2. Tutorial animation
  3. Scoring instructions

During Stay

  1. Tap Card to Login
  2. Scan product barcode
  3. Show palm oil products
  4. Tutorial animation
  5. List non-palm alternatives
  6. Score checking
  7. Daily reward drops
  8. Tree appears in hologram

While Leaving

  1. Tap Card to Login
  2. Final score checking
  3. Streak & extra reward drop
  4. Tree appears in hologram


First, we researched on the topic, which in out case was palm oil plantations.

After that, based on our research, we held co-creation workshops with participants to generate ideas.

Based on the results we collected in the workshop, we drafted our idea and refined the idea such that it is relevant to the users and engaging.

Finally, we used a prototype to test with a group of users, and with the refinements built the final prototype.