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I’m YS Chung, an interaction designer based in Hong Kong.

Below are some of my works


Morning Chatbot for Critical Thinking

Isla is a chatbot for smart displays and an app. It provides required information to start one’s day, such as weather, agenda, and the latest news in a story-like format while boosting critical thinking.

It aims enhance people’s critical thinking by daily training, and lessen the echo chamber effect where people only see content they find agreeable.

Suggested Questions

Asking questions is a vital part of critical thinking. Therefore, based on the current piece of news, a list of suggested questions is displayed on the screen. The user can use voice or tap the questions to get the answer.


Understanding different viewpoints is also crucial to critical thinking. A part of the news section is where people of different views debate each other, encouraging the user to explore different opinions.


Exploring different options ahead is a part of critical thinking. In some of the news entries, there is a poll where the users can vote for the various possibilities about the current news entry. At the evening, the app notifies the user to see the result of the poll. This feature not only encourages the user to explore options but also helps them to gauge the overall opinion of society.

Users can choose multiple options that represent their view, and the final result is saved in the drawer in the evening.
Story Timeline

Gathering information about the news’ background is essential to understanding it. At the beginning of most news entries, the user can choose to see a timeline of preceding events and save articles in the drawer to read later.

Daily User Journey
Annual Show Booth.
On smart displays, users are reminded to vote for their options in the app. Voice recognition was implemented in the prototype.

The Hidden Logic

Website adaptation of the book

In this project, my group adapted Mark Buchanan’s book, The Social Atom, to a website, a board game and gave the book a new cover.

I was in charge of the website’s visual effects, its design, and development. It included pages previewing the content of the book, illustrated by not only text but some animated effects.


The new identity we designed revolves around the social atoms and the hiddenness of the logic behind them. The Taiwanese version of the book’s name translates to The Hidden Logic. The website has a visual effect where random particles’ colours change when moused over — thus revealing the book title that was puzzled together by these particles all along.

The website is responsive.


Concept app for better salon experience and treatment

Kapsel is a concept for a platform that helps customers to find better salons, and for salons to reach more customers.

Customers can look for salons, and they offer discounts to customers. The platform would also keep track of the different haircuts the customers had, such that hairstylists can provide adequate service based on customer’s tastes and hair characteristics.

Salons can put discounts onto the platform to promote themselves and let more customers know their services.

The medium for the platform is a phone app for customers and a tablet app for salons.


According to my research, most people find giving feedback face to face awkward. Reviews help customers provide feedback to stylists without facing an awkward social situation.

The app detects when the user leaves a salon, and promts for a review. Other potential customers can read previous reviews in the app.
Treatment Log

My research found people enjoy the hairstyling experience more if their treatments are tailored. Treatment Log let stylists tailor their treatments for each customer.

Salon Listings

An average person in Hong Kong chooses their hair salon based mainly on locality. They might miss out on treatments they would be interested in, because they are not mentioned in online discussions or recommendations. Customers can discover salons by location or by rankings, to help them find a salon.


People generally choose salons close to their local area. However, they would go to one further away if the salon offers them discounts. Discounts let salons find new clients and help customers save money.